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Viking bikes are for those that are exploring the world of road bikes. Viking has a lot of exciting options for the beginning cyclist. They offer a quality bicycle without a commitment to a road bike that costs thousands.

Viking is a good entry level bicycle for kids and teens due to their low cost and excellent durability. Let’s face it a first bicycle is not always maintained as stringently as those that follow after a person becomes a real enthusiast. Viking cycles are available at a good price via mail order making them accessible to a lot of people.

Viking has been around for a long time, and this has led to many fans. The company is based out of England, but many of their bicycles are manufactured in China.  They are great at combining sharp styling and offering aluminium frames that offer strength and durability. The company is part of the larger Avocet Cycling group that offers a wide range of bikes.

Viking Phantom

Viking PhantomFirst off it should be said that this is an amazingly affordable road bike for those on a budget so if you think you cannot get a good quality bike at a great price. Viking has been making bikes for more than a hundred years, getting their start back in 1908 and quickly becoming a leading producer of bikes in the UK.
The Phantom comes in your choice of three frame sizes 53, 56, 59 so you can get a bike that is the exact right fit for your unique body type. No matter what size you get the price is the same so you don’t have to deal with sacrificing a better fit to save some cash.
If you need a good road bike for a few weekend trips or a bike to get around town, the Phantom can offer you a smooth ride and reliability on a lightweight yet strong frame.  The 700c Hi-Tensile Road Fork offers the support and strength you need. 14 Speed Shimano gears and derailleurs along with Vikings custom designed double walled rims means you have a lot of maneuverability  and customization available to you on a variety of road terrain.
700c x 23c Black Road Tires are thin enough to be fast but still large enough to be steady and hold to the road well. You will want to ride this bike a lot, and since it is under 16 kilograms in weight, it is easy to take this bike with you wherever your travels may take you.
In the Phantom, Viking has made a good entry level road bike for teens and adults that are just getting started in the world of road bikes. This would be a fantastic gift for a student or anyone that you know that has been talking about taking up the sport of cycling. The comfortable road saddle reduces or eliminates the discomfort that can be experienced at the end of a long ride.
For those that need to order the bike, you can put together what is not assembled within minutes with a simple screwdriver. Some customers advice checking the rest of the bike out for any parts that may have come loose during shipping.
Overall this is definitely a solidly built road bike but don’t be fooled into thinking it is a pro grade bike. If you are an experienced cyclist that wishes to compete a lot, then you may want to look at other Viking bikes that have more suspension and other features. On the other hand, plenty of people use this basic bike for training for larger cycling events. The Phantom is also a great spare bike to have if you want to encourage a family member or friend to join you on occasion.
If you want a bike for just weekend or occasional use, then you won’t regret purchasing the Phantom. Since first road bikes are not as likely to be maintained well by younger teens and adults, it makes sense to choose an economically priced road bike like the Phantom for the beginning cyclists in your family.

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Viking Peleton

Viking Bikes Peletonhe Viking Peleton is an excellent mid-priced bike for those that like to compete in the occasional race or take a long ride on the weekends. This 14-speed bike has all the classic good looks and quality features that customers have come to expect from Viking Bikes over the last century.

The lightweight aluminium frame is built for speed and ease of handling. The styling and paint job on the bike make it look like a super expensive racing bike so don’t be surprised when people ask you about your bike and assume you paid a lot more for it then you did.

The Viking VK padded road saddle is extremely comfortable even on long rides. If you have ever felt too sore after a ride, then you know how important a high-quality saddle is and how some bikes just don’t have it going on in this respect.

The Shimano 14 speed indexed gears with Shimano STI gear/brake integrated shifters and Shimano 7 speed 14/28T freewheel means you have slip free and easy shifting while on the road. The bike comes 90% assembled if you are ordering it so you can be on the road in little time when you get it.

This is a fast bike, but the powerful alloy dual pivot caliper brakes will ensure that you have good stopping power throughout the course of your ride.

While the Peleton is slightly more expensive then the Phantom, you are getting a bike that weights nearly 4 kg less. The Peleton is an incredible 12.1 kg, so this is a bike that will travel well even with those that usually are not comfortable lifting many bikes.

If you are looking for a bike for a teen or adult that often bikes and wants to compete in some road races, then the Peleton should be on your list of consideration due to the smooth gear shifting, lightweight frame, and braking action.

Like many Viking bikes, you can choose between a 53,56, or 59 cm frame, so you never feel like you have a bike that doesn’t match you and allow an awesome ride each and every time. If you have a significant other you have been hoping to get started on biking; then this is a stylish bike that will help them keep up more easily. When a bike is this comfortable, it is far easier for them to begin liking it and stick with it.

Customers report that Viking has great customer service. While no real major problems seem to be common with the bike, sometimes a cycle can have some damage if your shipping carrier gets careless but this is rare. Viking Bikes is there for their customers and work hard to make sure that they have repeat customers. Many people have ridden Viking Bikes exclusively for many years.

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Viking Elite 18 Speed Road Bike

Viking Bikes Elite
How can one not look at this bike and be impressed? This is one of Viking’s more expensive offerings. This classy road bike is a nice choice for both beginners and advanced riders.
The Shimano Sora Dual Control Levers and Gear System is known for Superior performance on the open road. It is hard not to want to hit the open road the minute you see this bike and get to take it for a short test ride. If you want a quality bike for fitness, weekend use, or the occasional competitive event, then this 18-speed powerhouse might just be the Viking bike of your dreams.
The strong yet lightweight aluminium frame allows for fast riding on roads and easy transport when needed. This is super important if you like to take your bike with you on a car rack for rides at choice locations. Tektro Alloy Dual Pivot Calliper Brakes mean you have stopping power that is hard to match, and you can rely on for safety and peace of mind.
After taking a short test ride on this bike, one will wonder why they didn’t buy it sooner. The comfortable handle bars and saddle mean that you can take this bike on even very long trips without being miserable the next day.
There is something to be said for a bike that makes you want to get out and take off the next day. If you are considering entering your first competitive race and want a bike that is up for the challenge, then the Elite is an economical and high performing choice. Just be sure that when you order the bike, you get the right size. Teens that are still growing may want to opt for one size up if they are at the limit of what is comfortable for the lesser size.
The Elite is a feather weight bike compared to a lot in this price range. At 10.4 kg you are not going to have to break a sweat moving this bike around when needed. While those that are new to racing or road bikes might not appreciate the different a few kg can make in the performance of a bike, it is important to emphasize how much performance can be inhibited if a bike is too heavy.
If you have someone in your life that is enthusiastic about cycling, then you should consider this bike for their next one. Imagine the look on a cyclists face when this sleek and premium bike arrives at their door! Of course, Viking also has some other models that are slightly less but don’t offer quite all the features.
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Which Of These Viking Bikes To Choose?

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the Viking line of racing bikes or road bikes. These bikes are at the budget end of the market. The reputation of Viking bikes isn’t outstanding, like a Kona or Bianchi, but for the price the offer a good starter bike. That’s what you’re buying if you’re looking at a Viking. You aren’t neccesarily looking for a bike for life, you’re looking for an affordable entry level bike that will help you decide if the sport is right for you.

There are positives and negatives to any racing bike and making the right choice when purchasing your first road bike can have a big impact on how someone feels about the sport of road cycling in the long term future.

If you’re looking at Viking Bikes, it’s likely that you are looking at taking up the sport, therefore we would recommend looking at the Phantom or Peleton. Although it is a little more, you will get longer use out of the Peleton, because it’s lighter and more versatile. So that’s our recommendation.

Viking Bikes Peleton

Viking Bikes