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Mafiabikes prides itself in making the highest quality BMX bikes in the world at the most affordable prices. This company achieves its double win by ensuring that their factory makes only the highest quality bikes using the latest technologies and by selling them directly to their customers. The above means that the company does not incur further costs that will push up the overall price of the bike.

Most other high-quality bikes are too expensive because the companies often spend too much money on paying intermediaries and on paying for advertising and marketing.

Since comparing bike price is easy, quality; on the other hand, is not that easy to tell. If you are wondering how the best BMX bikes looks like, here are a few things to check out on a bike to see if it fits the bill.

  • Frame: The frame of the bike is its backbone, and you cannot compromise on quality here. The best frames here include the High-Tensile steel frames, Aluminium frames, and Titanium frames.
  • Suspension fork: Choosing the right suspension fork will give you a wonderful riding experience, where the bump absorption is higher, they will be easier to maintain, and the forks will be stiffer.
  • Tires: The best tires will offer the rider unmatched performance, have an attractive design, will last long, and come at a reasonable cost.
  • Rims: Aluminium rims are the most common rims in the market; however, carbon fibre rims are made for upmarket bikes, while steel rims are common in very affordable bikes.
  • Spokes: Stainless steel spokes are great for all bikes, and at least 32 spokes per wheel is a good number for wheel strength.
  • Components: Other things such as the shift levers, the brake levers, the brakes, the gears, etc. add to the overall quality of the bike.

Here are some of the best Mafiabikes in the market today:

Mafiabikes Kush2 Kush 2 20 inch BMX Bike


The Mafiabikes Kush2 Kush 2 20 inch BMX Bike is an amazing entry level BMX that is everything but boring and heavy. This bike is affordable, made of high-quality components, and is very comfortable to ride. Here are some of its specs:

Frame: The above is a strong and durable bike, thanks largely to its frame. It has:

  • A 20.4 inch TT High-Tensile steel frame
  • A 13.25-inch Chain stay length
  • A 75.5-Degree Head Tube angle
  • A 9.5-inch Stand over height
  • An 11.75-inch Bottom bracket height

The above figures make up a great bike for all bike enthusiasts, beginners or veteran, and one that comes in a choice of colour schemes.

Suspension forks: The bike has tapered fork legs for suspension. A bike with this suspension system is more often than not, lighter, and the suspension forks can withstand a lot of pressure. The taper forks lead to a stronger steerer tube, which results in better bike control and comfort.

Tires: This bike has some very impressive 2.4-inch fat crawler street tires. Tires of this size offer the rider numerous advantages, including better balance, easier bike handling, ride comfort, and an overall sense of excitement when you compare them to thinner tires. In addition, since the tires on this bike are the crawler white wall tires, the bike looks amazing.

Handlebars: The handlebar is a particularly important part of this bike, thanks to its huge size of 29 inches and its 8.5-inch rise. A wide handlebar makes it easy for the rider to control the bike and maneuver with ease in different terrains. The 8.5-inch rise makes riding the bike very comfortable.

Rims and spokes: This bike comes with high quality black double wall alloy rims, which are some of the strongest rims you can have for bikes. The recommended number of spokes to make a strong wheel is 32, but this bike has 36 spokes on each wheel. The rims and spokes enhance a bike’s wheel strength, and judging from the above figures, this bike has a very strong wheel.

Brakes: It is needless to explain the importance of brakes in a bike, but it is important to point out just how great the U-brakes on this bike are. The U braking system has been in use for a long time, and the numerous advantages it offers are what keep it in the market. The ease in speed control, the effectiveness of the brakes, and the little maintenance they need are a few advantages of having these brakes.

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Mafia Bikes BlackJack

mafiabikes blackjack

The Black Jack offers teens and adult riders a stable and high performing BMX Jump bike. If you enjoy doing a lot of jumps then this is the bike for you. It is going to be hard to find anything that can out perform this bike in terms of quality and overall value for your money.

Alloy Frame: The Black Jack is an admirable solution for those that like to do some mountain biking but like some extra air time. The alloy frame and strong fork combination means it will take a lot of abuse and have you coming out on top on even rougher terrain conditions. Even if you just need to get around town a bit, this is a fun bike to own and something you can look forward to doing on the weekends.

Forks: The Black Jack offers rigid tapered forks that were designed and perfected by Mafia Bikes professional riders. The rigid forks are dialed to the right suspension tension right out of the box but if they need to be adjusted in any way it is very easy for riders to do themselves.

Exceptional Stable Tires For Solid Jumping: Without great tires you are going to be really sore at the end of a jumping session. The wide Kenda Kiniption 26” x 2.30 tires will last for a lot of jumps. Double walled alloy rims add to the integrity and performance of this exceptional bike.

Smooth performance is something that Mafia Bikes truly strives for. The sealed Spanish ball bearings and 3 Piece 4130 Samox Crank Set will keep you rolling along with less bumps in the road. Sealed ball bearings mean you don’t have to worry as much about grit and grime from the trail or course you are on.

Handlebars: The 711 mm x 31.8 mm OD alloy bars are sized to make jumping comfortable. The quality grips are made to last but are so inexpensive to replace for riders that are testing the limits of their bike on a regular basis.

Rims And Spokes: Double wall alloy rims mean you don’t have to worry about bends and warps when doing your favorite jumps. The Black Jack is truly a bike that is made to inspire jumpers to greater courses and heights. You can be confident that the alloy spokes are made to reduce the stress on the rest of the bike and offer the support needed to push the limit on that jump you have always wanted to do.

Superb Braking And Pedaling: The rear disk brake means you can rest assured that you have fast acting yet smooth braking that you can trust. The alloy platform pedals are made to last a long time. The metal nature of the pedals means they are strong but lightweight enough to be on a bike that weighs a mere 30 lbs total weight yet offers a smooth ride.

Who Should Order This Bike: The Black Jack is a bike that a lot of different riders would enjoy. Those that are just venturing into the world of jumping would do well to get the Black Jack due to the quality and affordable price. As jumpers progress they can easily upgrade this bike to meet higher performance or terrain demands rather than feeling that they need to purchase a new bike.

Affordable For Different Set Ups: If you are really into high performance jumping and other BMX activities then the Blackjack is affordable enough that you can easily upgrade components or even have a second model that is set up differently for some different types of terrain or stunts.

Some choose to add suspension forks for increased comfort during landings and rougher rides. If you are looking for a bike that is a fantastic base for your future in BMX then the Black Jack is worth a second glance.

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Mafia Bikes MadMain

mafiabikes madmain

The Mafia Bikes MadMain is a great bike for younger BMX riders that want a bike that can meet everything an enthusiastic kid can throw at it. Parents will love the quality which contributes to steadier turning and steering for less chance of injury.

Hi Tensile Frame: The top & bottom HT gussets mean this is a frame that is built to stand up to the toughest riders and heavy use.

The 18” frame is ideal for younger riders that are just starting out in the exciting world of BMX. Having the right size frame for the rider is critical to comfort and safety when hitting a park, track, or other avenue. The frame is sturdy and will last for years. If you have an 8 or 9 year old that is showing an interest in BMX then this is a good bike to get them through a few years and help encourage their success.

Forks: Hi tensile internally threaded forks with a CNC alloy compression cap offers outstanding shock absorption and comfort when executing the latest and greatest tricks around. Days riding a dirt track will end in comfort because kids won’t be exposed to so much shock on rides.

Massive Tires: Anyone that has every ridden a bicycle much at all knows just how much of a difference having good tires can make in the ride and performance you get out of the bike on a daily basis. These tires are large at 20.25 inches, stable, and made of high quality materials for lasting performance and results. The awesome gearing makes for a smooth transition over terrain and when executing tricks and other more complicated maneuvers.

Handle Bars: Handlebar ratio is more important than a lot of people realize. In fact if the handlebars are not comfortable then it is less likely a kid is going to want to ride their bike on a regular basis. The handlebars are definitely made with shorter arm lengths in mind so kids have the most comfortable bike experience. Handlebar size is a comfortable 27″ x 8″.

Rims And Spokes: Double wall front & rear extra wide alloy rims are supported by sturdy spokes that are placed for ideal support of the tire. Rims are made to take some major abuse. After all what is the use of a getting a BMX bike that you think you need to take it easy on?

Awesome Braking: The MadMain features a U-Brake. The U-brake uses a typical brake lever but the pivots are mounted to the frame or fork of the bike. U brakes are easy to adjust and make for simpler placement of brake cables. U brakes provide powerful stopping power so kids are safer when riding.

Over All Great Quality Beginners Bike

Designer Harry Main always oversaw the production of bikes carrying his name. The bright purple and green color pattern makes it easy to see young riders no matter what time of day or terrain they may be on. Younger riders love the stand out style that is characteristic of Harry Main designed Mafia Bikes.

This is a fantastic buy for the quality you are getting. In fact this bike could very well get passed down to another child once an older kid out grows it. This fact leads to another major bonus about Mafia Bikes in that small parts like grips and pedals are inexpensive and easy to replace so you can get some majorly extended use out of this bike.

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Which Mafiabikes BMX Bikes are best?

With the above bike options in mind, you can never go wrong in choosing the best BMX bikes for you and your family members. These and many more Mafiabikes are made with you, the rider, in mind.

We like the Mafiabikes MadMan, it’s not the cheapest… But it offers a great value for money all round package. But all of them would prove worth the outlay.

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For the older rider though, obviously the 26″ frame on the Blackjack is going to be more suitable…

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The suspension forks of all these bikes are some of the strongest in the market and the frames of these bikes are tougher and firmer than all other bikes near their price range. The thick tires on these bikes are great for stability, easy bike control, and for comfort during a ride.

The handlebars in all these BMX bikes are long enough to ensure perfect bike control, the rims are made of strong materials and the excess number of spokes is ideal for the ideal wheel strength. The different types of brakes used on these bikes are all very effective, easy to maintain, and they improve the overall bike ride experience.

The manufacturers know that you need a very high-quality bike to meet all your biking needs, and he also knows that you do not want to spend all your hard earned cash acquiring it. It is very hard to come across bikes that resemble Mafiabikes in terms of quality and price anywhere in the world.