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The search for the best road bikes can seem overwhelming.  There is a lot to consider when it comes to finding a quality road bike. Is the answer one of these Kona Bikes? Kona has been making some of the best road bikes for a long time, so they know a lot about what makes a customer a happy cyclist and lifelong fan. Here are some of the most important things to consider when shopping for any bicycle and why Kona is a great choice for an informed decision.


Bikes that have been around for a while are often a good place to start your search. This is where reviews and talking to other cyclists come into play. A first-hand account of experiences can help you sort through the many choices available to you. Kona Bicycles, for example, have been made since 1988 and have swiftly gained a loyal following of cyclists that swear by their quality and dependability even when used under extreme circumstances


Road bikes are as diverse as the riders that enjoy them. Some road bikes offer perks that are suited to those that go beyond just everyday getting around town. If you are doing a marathon or racing for charity, for example, you may want a bike that is made with a lighter weight frame or specialized wheels and suspension for a smoother ride over unknown roads.  Making a great road bike is an art and as a result, high-tech frames and other systems can push the cost of a specialized bike into several thousand dollars.

Here are a few of our favorite Kona road bikes that are within reach of many cyclists and offer outstanding craftsmanship and style no matter if you like a traditional bicycle or one that is state of the art.

Kona Bikes: Honky Tonk Road Bike

The Kona Honky Tonk offers a smooth ride and Kona Bikescomfortable seat all in a bike that weighs just under 11 kilograms. This is a great bike for those that want a quality road bike that is easy to transport. The steel frame and rigid racing fork offer a high level of performance on city streets. The exclusive Kona Front Hub is Kona’s own design and offers strength.

The Honky Tonk is most commonly available in a 28-inch height with adjustable seat that makes it comfortable for all types of cyclists. Options do exist for other heights though with no extra charges. The Honky Tonk features old school brake calipers and smooth Reynolds 520 tubing with Kona’s own Kona Road Endurance geometry so you can get where you are going faster than ever before.

Brakes are crucial in a quality road bike. Shimano Sora brakes ensure a smooth and easy stop. These brakes are built to last and will not let you down. The Continental UltraSport II 700x28c Road Tires will provide a lot of smooth riding even on pitted city roads.

The Honky Tonk is a lot of bike for the money you pay. A lot of comparable bikes cost a lot more and don’t necessarily have the same attention to detail as the Honky Tonk. This is a bike designed with the daily user in mind. For getting around town on the weekends and commuting to your day job, this is a fast and lightweight bike that you can put on a rack without breaking a sweat.

The Honk Tonk is a streamlined and beautiful bike that will provide you with a lot of enjoyment over the years. Like any bicycle maintenance is key to longevity and performance. The styling is vintage for those that miss the road bikes of yore.

The bike gets its name from the legendary rider Eric Tonkin of Portland, Oregon. The Honky Tonk was inspired by his carefree style and passion for riding his bicycle everywhere. You are sure to love riding this bike wherever life takes you. This is a fantastic road bike for a student or traveler that wants quality and style in a lightweight and affordable bike. Kona takes pride in the fact that they are a Pacific Northwest based company with only the highest standards for road bikes in the world.Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes: Esatto Disc Deluxe Road Bike

Kona BikesFor the hardcore commuter or occasional racer, The Kona Esatto Disc Deluxe is an outstanding combination of function and style.  This bike is sure to catch the eye of even the most discerning bicycle enthusiast. The Kona SuperLight 7046 Aluminum Butted Alloy frame offers strength and a great ride each and every time you get on it.

The frame responds well to all sizes of riders, providing plenty of support for larger cyclists to be comfortable. Kona Endurance Geometry provides a stable and durable ride for those that love to be on the open road. The Kona Carbon Road Disc is a fork that is proven to last and be able to stand up to whatever the road throws at it. The drivetrain is a  Shimano 105/Ultegra 11-32t 11-speed with the brakes being Shimano flat mount hydraulic brakes for a comfortable and smooth stop.

The Alex CXD6 Wheelset are durable for any road surface. A smooth and consistent gear system allows one to get the most out of their road bike. This bike is just as comfortable on a city street as it is a country road with a great hill to gain speed. Tire and fender clearance is ample for a consistant and hassle free ride.

The tires are the blissfully smooth Continental UltraSport II 700x28c and a Kona Road Saddle means you won’t be sore and miserable after commuting on this sleek and chic road bike. This is one of Kona’ mid-priced bikes and is great solution for those that want a serious performance road bike that will last.

One has to love how smooth the stop is with the brake system that comes stock on this bike. No sudden stops and a feeling of pitching forward even if you have to apply the brakes fairly hard. When going down hills this bike offered superior speed and stability. This bike has good potential for shorter marathons and those that commute but don’t want to run through a lot of bikes or deal with massive repairs over the years.

Kona stands behind every bike they make so purchasing this bike is something you can feel good about. The Esatto is light enough to be easily lifted onto any rack for traveling or if you use the bus system where you live.Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes: Roadhouse Road Bike

Kona BikesThe Roadhouse is a work of art in many ways. The beautiful red color makes it stand out which if you are riding in busy places is a real plus for safety reasons. The custom crafted Reynolds 853 frameset with tapered head tubes provides a supportive and stiffer ride than many other racing bikes on the market today. The frame is made of steel for a heavier bike than some are used to. This is a specialized road bike that delivers all it promises and more.

Shimano hydraulic brakes are known for their smooth action and reliability when needed the most. Although the construction is steel, it is still light enough for ease of travel. The heavier frame can make for a steady ride, but it might be a bit slower unless you are used to the differences a heavier steel frame can offer.

The Roadhouse can stand up to heavy use and will stand up to the weekend warrior that puts a lot of miles on their bike at once. 22 speeds mean you have awesome control no matter where the road takes you. Super tacky 30mm Schwalbe tires stick to the road for outstanding maneuverability and stability even in tight curves.

If you like modern amenities on a road bike but like a vintage look then the Roadhouse is a perfect combination to suit your needs. Pedals are sold separately so you can create a more customized cycling experience. The price tag makes this one of Kona’s more expensive commonly available bicycles but it is well worth it if you want a great road bike to stand the test of time.

The flat mount brakes offer phenomenal stopping power and perform well on even the steepest hills you wish to traverse. The Kona Roadhouse is a good choice for anyone that wants to take their cycling experience to the next level.  This would be a great gift for a student that is thinking about taking cycling to the collegiate level of competition and wants a mid-priced racing road bike from a well known and trusted company. The Roadhouse comes in different sizes to fit any size rider.

The Roadhouse comes with the Classic Kona Saddle for a comfortable seat during all your rides. The Kona Carbon Road Disk Fork is a time tested design that Kona stands behind for a rigid get forgiving riding experience.Kona Bikes

Which Of These Kona Bikes Is Right For You?

Kona makes a lot of different types of road and mountain bicycles, so the choices are pretty broad. All Kona bikes are made in the Pacific Northwest from the highest quality materials. When customers choose Kona, they are buying a bicycle that is built by people that live and breathe bicycles. Not only are Kona employees skilled, but they are also bicycling enthusiasts themselves. Women or men’s road bikes are available through Kona.

Our favourite, bearing in mind we are cycle-racing.com, is the Kona Essatt0 Disk Deluxe. A truly phenomenal racing bike, at a pretty standard Kona price tag. After all, if you’re looking at Kona, you’re after a quality and reliable bike. Price differences have less say at this end of the market.

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