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Dawes bikes are another alternative; great, value for money bike. Dawes Cycles originated in England in 1926, so they have been around the bicycle scene for a lot of innovation. In fact, Dawes Cycles has been on the cutting edge of innovation itself. Charles Dawes, the founder originally made motorcycles with the Humphries and Dawes Company in Birmingham, England.

Dawes subscribed to the philosophy that focusing on high-quality racing bikes and getting them out there for the public to see and judge, was a smart marketing strategy. This strategy proved successful as it is mostly what they built their business empire on.

In the early years, Dawes manufactured a lot of the key components in their cycles such as the brakes and pedals. Now Dawes feature other specialty components such as Shimano gearsets.

Dawes is no longer family owned but part of the Falcon conglomerate. Unfortunately, the bikes are no longer made in England, but they still offer a lot of reliability and are manufactured based on British design.

Dawes still operates out of licensed dealers. The only way to purchase a new Dawes is through a licensed and registered dealer. These dealers offer repairs, parts, and service, so you always know who to go to for assistance.

If you have kids, then Dawes offers a complete line of kids bikes. No matter what type of riding you like to do, Dawes has a bicycle that will fit your needs entirely. Their road racing bikes are of course the bike they have been making the longest.

Dawes is a mid-priced brand but very well know, so it is a good compromise for someone that is looking for a lot of performance for daily or weekend use. For longer trips you may want to check out their line of touring bikes. At this price point, it is possible to afford several good quality bikes for what one of some brands cost. Here are a few Dawes models we think you might like.

Dawes Bikes: Giro 200

Dawes Bikes11.1 kilogram makes this a heavier bicycle for the road. The increased weight adds to the stability but also means that the Giro 200 is a bit clunky to handle if you are taking a turn with any serious speed involved.  This is a beginners road bike. At this price point, it offers more than what you expect but don’t think you are going to reach very high speeds at this weight range.

The Giro is designed to be a men’s specialized road bike, but plenty of women would be comfortable on this entry level bicycle. The seat is made to be comfortable for long rides and can be adjusted to accommodate different riders.

The alloy frame is made to be durable and produces less drag than many other cycles. The slant of the tube framework allows for air to pass easily over the bike for a streamlined and smooth ride. Pinstripes create a look that makes the Giro 200 look sleek and professional.

The gears and shifters are all made by Shimano, so they are to be trusted for easy operation and excellent braking capability. This entry level Dawes would be an excellent gift for anyone that is pondering a start in the exciting world of road riding and racing.

The gearing of this bicycle is easy to use and doesn’t drag or cause other issues when going up larger hills. The fork is steel, so it is going to be more rigid than a carbon fiber fork. At this price point getting a carbon fork would be hard to achieve.

Kenda 700 x 23C tires are built for speed. The thinness is great for those that want to get up to a higher speed on pavement but can seem a little shaky at times to inexperienced riders or when the terrain gets a little rough.

Overall Dawes has done well with the Giro 200.  A frame like this and Shimano gearset are nice perks in an entry level road bike.  Although the Giro 200 is the least expensive in the Giro line offered by Dawes, the frame is the same. Dawes bikes are easy to upgrade, so this is a road bike that can adapt to a longer riding life for the aspiring amateur racer and bicycle enthusiast.Dawes Bikes

Dawes Bikes: Giro 400

Dawes BikesThe 10.5 kilo Giro 400 has all the looks and perks of a high-end road bike. The entire Giro line is ideal for beginning cyclists. The Giro is based on a lightweight 6061 alloy frame, alloy blade race fork, Shimano 16 speed STI gears and double wall alloy racing wheels for speed and stability. Mudguards keep you riding in even tougher winter conditions.

This level of Giro is sometimes used by cyclists as a winter bicycle due to its size, weight, and handling in mud and other debris. The Shimano ST-2400 STI Levers and 16-speed gear system with high-quality derailleurs means gear changes are practically effortless so you can traverse all types of roads and hills with ease.

This is a bike that feels more comfortable at a high speed than the Giro 200 did but that may be due to the difference that a kilo or more of weight can make.  Unlike some road bikes, the pedals are actually included in the Giro line and come with toe clips so you can stay steady in the saddle.

The Giro 400 would make a great bike take out on the weekend for a ride with your favorite cycling club, or you could get a pair so your significant other can hit the open road with you. The weight is light enough where the bikes could easily be loaded even on a harder to reach roof rack.

One upgrade that riders might want to make is different tires depending on their riding style. The tires included are 23C tires which are fantastic for those that like to get up to higher speeds when riding but for the beginner they may seem more unstable than one is comfortable with. A 25C tire could provide more stability, but it would add some weight to the bike, possibly reducing the speed slightly.

Dawes does a good job-making handlebars that can accommodate different sizes of hands. Larger-handed individuals will have no problem riding all day on this bike in great comfort. The black taped bars are smooth and comfortable while providing an excellent grip for excellent control on the road. This bike takes corners well for the money. For those looking for a fantastic entry level bike, the 400 is a definite option to consider.Dawes Bikes

Dawes Bikes: Giro 500

Dawes BikesOne of the great things about the entire Giro line is that since there are so many bikes offered it gives the amateur rider a lot of options to get started in the world of specialized road bikes. The Giro 500 is the intermediate model in this line.

With a sturdy alloy frame and fork that is still lightweight enough for high speeds, the Giro is something to be considered when looking for a quality road bike.

This bike comes in three standard frame sizes: 48, 53, and 58 cm so you can get a bike that is most suited to your body type. That being said the Giro 500 is a very comfortable and smooth riding entry level bicycle for those that want to hit the road for a weekend or get some exercise after work.

If you have a teen that is showing an interest in cycling, then the Giro 500 is a bike that they will love. The appearance of the Giro puts it in the class of sleek Italian racing bikes, but the price tag is low enough that you don’ t have to ask what happens if it isn’t used much over time.

The classic Dawes road saddle offers support and comfort on longer rides. High-grade Shimano levers and gearset system means braking and gear changing are smooth and effortless even where terrain varies considerably over a short piece of roadway.

This Dawes road bike is up to the challenges that any road terrain can throw at it. The mudguards make it a good choice for a winter training bike or for those that have to ride on rougher roads a good part of the time.

The biggest differences in this and the 200 and 400 models is upgraded gearsets and brakes that also help reduce the weight and make it a bit easier to hit those higher speeds some riders crave more than others.

Comfortable pedals and toe clips make it easy to get used to this type of bike for those that have never ridden a quality road bike before.  Dawes components are easy to find, and all brick and mortar dealers usually offer some level of repair services. If you order this bike online, just make sure to give it an inspection to make sure cables, and other components are properly tightened.Dawes Bikes

Dawes Bikes: Giro 700

Dawes BikesThe Giro 700 is the top of the typical Giro line offered by Dawes. With 20 speeds this is a road bike that offers a lot of precision when it comes to handling on a variety of terrains. Schwalbe Lugano 700 x 23C racing tires are an upgrade from the standard Giro tires and allow for good traction at increased speeds. The Giro 700 sports the classic alloy frame that Dawes has made famous with this line of bikes. It would not be a big deal to trust this bike on a long touring trip or at weekend races.

Dawes Giro 700 is popular for a winter training bike due to how well it goes in rain and mud. Kenda tires mean you can hit some high speeds due to the 23C width. Other tire sizes can be utilized if your typical riding conditions demand it.

The wide availability of the Giro 700 means there are a lot of people riding it but at the same time, it is hard to find reviews. This can be seen as a positive thing because all too often when someone feels the need to voice an opinion about a bike, it is because they are not satisfied in some way.

Aerodynamic tubes mean that this bike can reach a high speed with less drag than other bikes in this price range.Dawes Bikes

Which is the best Dawes Bike?

Dawes offer good bikes at good prices. Personally we find it hard to deviate from the Dawes Giro 700. Not the cheapest of the bikes on offer from Dawes, but by far one of the stand out models in terms, of styling and value for money!

Dawes Bikes

Dawes Bikes