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A Bianchi road bike is a great investment. Bianchi has been a trusted manufacturer of bicycles since the very beginning of the modern bicycle industry. In 1885, Eduardo Bianchi started his bicycle shop in Milan. At age 21 he decided to make some changes to the standard up till then bicycle. The front wheel was made smaller, and a chain was used to connect both wheels for greater efficiency. In 1899, when Tomaselli won the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris, Bianchi bikes were thrust to the forefront and started to gain popularity quite rapidly.

By 1935 Bianchi had achieved amazing success, producing an outstanding 70,000 bicycles per year. Over the years, Bianchi has concentrated on getting their bikes into all the top races around the world. The belief that success is found by letting bikes proves themselves under severe competition. This more than anything proved to be the marketing advantage needed for success.

Bianchi Road Bikes are not inexpensive. That being said they also offer outstanding craftsmanship for a lifetime of use if cared for properly. They also have bikes that range in price a lot so you may be surprised what you can get a Bianchi for.

If you are serious about racing or ride often, a Bianchi may be just what you need. The best racing bikes combine experience and quality parts in a competitively priced piece of machinery. Bianchi is a well-known brand, so it is easy to find accessories and compatible part upgrades as you use your bike over the years.

The question you should be asking yourself is which Bianchi is right for you. Here are four of the stand out bikes offered by Bianchi and the features that make them worthy of your consideration when looking for a quality road bike to enjoy for the long term.

Bianchi Road Bike: Intenso Ultegra 11sp Compact Bicycle

Bianchi Road BikeThe Intenso is the result of more than eight years of research and development. The Intenso is a monocoque carbon fiber endurance road bike that handles well on a variety of road surfaces. A full carbon fork and tapered steer tube offer superior aerodynamics for a fast and stable ride no matter where the road takes you. With 28c tire clearance, internal cable routing and K-VID technology in the fork and seat stays, this bike offers stability and comfort on any road, even ones that are slightly off the beaten path.

The Shimano gearset and braking system deliver smooth and efficient braking and gear changes, so you have a bike that is responsive and easy to ride. Shimano gearsets never drag, and chain slippage is just not going to happen with this cycle.  This is a good road bike for those that like to ride in all types of weather conditions.

This is a midweight bike at just over 7 kilos. Users report getting excellent traction on even the slickest uphill slopes. Fulcrum Racing Corsa wheels at 23c dimensions are good but don’t offer the stability of a 25C set. This difference is up to the rider to decide which is better for their riding style. A different set of tires isn’t enough of a dealbreaker to keep us away from this outstanding road bike.

The Campagnolo Veloce drivetrain may not be something a lot of cyclists are familiar with, but it is in every way up to the challenges that the more common Shimano solves for riders. The 12-25 Miche block allows for smooth gear changes and a swift response.

If you like to ride on twisty and turning back roads, then this is the bike for you. With the Intenso, you can take the back roads with ease and have all the stability needed for a safe, fast, and fun ride to remember.

The Intenso comes highly recommended by many cycling enthusiasts for good reason. The value you get from this road bike is outstanding even if some components such as the tires may make you want to upgrade soon. The frame offers good aerodynamics, so gaining speed is not a problem.  The highly responsive brakes and frame and fork combination make for a bike that is sure to last and is easy to find parts for when needed.Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi Road Bike: Via Nirone 7 Alu Xenon 10sp Compact

Bianchi Road Bike7 Via Nirone is an homage to the first address of the Bianchi bike shop. This is a responsive and rigid frame in triple-butted 6061-series aluminum throughout with hydroformed sections to ensure the highest standards of design and performance.

The Nirone is a great low-cost road bike for those that want quality but might not have the the money that is required to buy a lot of bikes at this level. With this bike you are getting a bike that you can feel comfortable getting up to high speeds on the road with no loss of stability and maneuverability even on tight corners and twisting roads.

We love how lightweight this model is for the money. An 8-kilogram bike at this price is something that deserves a lot of consideration from the weekend warrior cyclist. If you have a younger person that is taking up cycling, this is a good beginning bike before they move up to more highly engineered models.

Some cyclists argue that the weight is actually what makes the bike seem a bit sluggish at times, but then again some of these experts are used to bikes that are in a much higher price bracket.

A Shimano Sora 50/34T gear system allows for steady and exceptional control over all types of pavement, hills, and varying road surfaces. Smooth gear changes mean your bike is more responsive than you might expect in a bike of this level.

The fork is made of the signature Bianchi K-VID Carbon w/aluminum steer tube, so it is sure to last and never bend under typical racing conditions. At this price point, it is hard to find a carbon fiber fork that comes standard.

The triple-butted 6061-series aluminum frame is responsive yet rigid enough for a sturdy ride. This is a good first road bike for mountain bikers that are used to a standard 10 speeds. We could see this being a great bike for someone that wants to do a few long distance trips a year or get around a larger city without investing in a more expensive road bike than necessary.

The frame is the best and crowning feature of this bike. While this is not the fasted bike you can get, not everyone is looking for just speed. Those that want a great riding, and economical bike need look no further than the Nirone for head-turning style and quality.

Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi Road Bike: Impulso 105 Disc

Bianchi Road BikeThe Impulso Disc is a tough all around road bike of Bianchi’s C2C (Coast to Coast) family. It uses the proven K-VID (Kevlar Vibration Isolation Device) vibration damping technology to improve the stability of a carbon fiber fork.

UTSS (Ultra Thin Seat Stays), THT (Triple Hydroformed Technology), and Bianchi Active Technology mean that this is a very comfortable and flexible road bike that won’t leave you uncomfortable at the end of the day. The strong aluminum frame is rated to be six times stronger than what is necessary for a road bike. The design of the tubing means the bike is fast but strong and responsive in tight turns and corners where other bikes might fail.

Impulso is a great bike for bombing hills in the city or out in the country. Steering is rumored to be a bit slow until the 13 miles an hour mark is achieved. At this point, the bike really comes alive and offers great handling. Disc brakes add weight, and the levers can seem like they are a bit sticky.

At 40 miles per hour, this bike still feels great making it a good choice in this price range for those that like to cruise at higher speeds regularly.

If you like to get out and ride a lot then this a high-quality bike for the price tag of under $2K. Bianchi fans report that although the bike does sacrifice some agility for stability, it takes turns with ease. This highly responsive bike is a great value in a specialized men’s road bike.

When we tested this bike, it changed gears on the steepest hills with ease and it didn’t take long to get up to a high rate of travel. Anyone looking for a bike that has a sleek Italian racing look should consider the Impulso.

The weight of the bike seemed to be the biggest complaint. Some riders feel that the bike is held back by the disc brakes and other features that add more weight to the frame.  This is a lot of bike for the money and a good choice for the weekend rider that still wants a quality bike but isn’t looking to go professional. We expect that Bianchi will sell a lot of these over the years due to the reliability and durability of the model.

Bianchi Bikes

Getting The Right Bianchi Road Bike

There is a lot to think about obviously when deciding on the bike you will be using for the long term future. We like the Bianchi Impulso 105 Disc. Its a great competition bike, offers good value for its features and quality, and can’t really be matched on these grounds.

Bianchi Road BikeBianchi Bikes

You can however get a good quality bike in their lower price range if you are comfortable with the features offered. At the same time if you want to compete in serious races the higher price tag Bianchis may have a fork or other features that make it more steady and fast at key moments.

Another thing to consider is that a Bianchi retains value well so if you decide to upgrade, your bike will have a significant resale value or you may be able to trade it in for some credit towards a new bike at a shop.